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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June Hols are like so damn LONG

it's like 1 super long MONTH!!!

i miss school...okays that sound weird

shld be i miss friends!!!

okays :D

let's be specific... i miss my friends alot!!!

hmm...doesn't sound specific enough. shld be...

i'm xinyi sick!!!

i'm wanqi sick too!!!

but i still miss xinyi more so xinyi don't be jealous of wanqi...okay now it's starting to sound weird like les...

and both of them in which i'm missing are both GIRLs!!! so that is even more weird now...

so the conclusion is, 结论是:

i'm sick!!! not that perverted sick okay!
is somekind kind of disease that will only be cured when i see the both of them, or simply go to school with them.

so i need my medicine to come but it will only be here on 28 June >.<
so i'll probably be still down on mood until then TnT

11:03 PM

Thursday, May 27, 2010

recently lots of things happened in school...MYE results were quite bad? but at least improved from last year YAYS!!!

and kaleidoscope is coming! but sadly the sec 2s performance but nvm, we still get to go for free :D backstage crew ><

Most importantly of all, very long nvr played audi le? su lynn keep pestering me to play...then she always ps me to pei her NIGEL (~SkyTenshi) or make me play wif them when they go sweet talking... makes me so SHINY like light bulb X_X but obvious i know when to go off la...

Still got! holiday homework for maths is like a pile la! combine wif guzheng prac plus assisstant the sec 1s is like tons of things to do? AND PLUS THAT STUPID CHINESE ATT on the murder? can pls murder me first?

class outing going watch movie? heys give some comments sia...i don want class outing to go sleep? at least movie sounds better than sleeping...lols...Hols cannot play wif xinyi le T_T she got lots of kaleidoscope practice >< Going watch mvie hmm...Shrek FOURever After sounds good but i think i'll be broke after that? and wat about xinyi's present? haix...


p.s my birthday was FUN! Thanks xinyi and xinhui for the nice cake! And bviously my family members? hehehehe. MUACKXZ!!!

11:13 PM

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the aero train at malaysia airport xD

On the plane to Beijing. i just woke up from a few hours of sleep x_x

veiw before arriving at 西单 station

massage station at Changi airport ><

At Beijing capital Airport
Hey sorrys that i very long nvr post le
went to China, Beijing for the whole week wif my maternal side the cousins ^^i look damn like eskimo. I KNOW!i even took the MRT there ! and and and bus too...
is damn cold there...still need wear winter clothes.
then i still took picture wif the emperor oh... fake de...still wear converse de shoes xD
then the last few days got sandstorm!

The hotel is super nice and cozy man. But i nvr got to enjoy my views. Everyday sleep at 11plus to 12 then wake up at 7 in the morning!
Last few days even worst, wake up at 5 plus 6.
The last day which we go catch plane muz wake up at 4 and eat cup noodles TnT

3:56 AM

Friday, December 4, 2009

2dae whole day playing audi...hehe...
joined new de FAM le...
~Serenade~ wow ranking 194 wor!!!

3von is me and OINKOINK is my cousin jessica...

and went to tag hart oso...my cousin use mine ^^

12:31 AM

Monday, November 30, 2009

2dae i went to my sis de sch NYP
i went to have lecture with her class sia...
the teacher didn't notice me i think...
the teacher is another crazy person from mental hospital? Tt's wat my sis said...but i didn't see him inside there leh...my eyesight got problem le ma???

got one guy sit beside me and i think he oso from mental hospital de... cos...dono how to say leh...**thinking**
he likes to quarrel wif me...sort of like shiny Fong but shiny more fun then him...MUAHAHAHA

there's another girl..tt guy calls her Mr Lee but i quarrel wif him tt she's a girl and he got eyesight problem...HAHAHA

tt *Mr Lee gave me a present...
... ... ...

i shall end here then...VERY FUN!

7:01 PM

Sunday, November 29, 2009

OKAYS fine... i'm updating now...
can i say that holidays are boring? (DON beat me arh...even if u like holidays alot...)

every week the schedule is like the same de **Pouts**

Monday: 9 am wake up...wash up lo...9.30 eat breakfast...11am go guzheng rm (at xinmin Sec)...2pm go home...on the way home jiu sms xinyi awhile XD or sms min sen o.o reach home 2.30pm then keep sms xinyi ask her come my house x_x (sry arh i too lazy to walk)around three she come my house then we---play play play wif her sister and my cousin oso...(provided they hols le...)then they 6pm go home **不爽** then have to go boring le...then do wat all humans would do lo...you dono 的话 then u not human? then finish dinner (depends on wat time i finish... i like to stuck at the table whole day!!!) then i read breaking dawn (chinese Version) then brush teeth slp...


then tues almost the same lo...except no guzheng...then will play facebook, audi, rewujie and also muz 练 guzheng la...6 dec exam sia... don practice then u die lo...

rest of the week is the same de...wed is 10am guzheng then others no guzheng le lo...SIAN arh!!!

i go find other blogskin le...and songs oso hehe...bb

5:38 AM

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today got 3 ppl in my class B'dae ^^
Everlyn,Peiyi and Timo(Timothy)...
and one of my cousin b'dae ^^(Jessica)

During recess Everlyn's group sang happy b'dae song in the canteen...So LOUD sia...
and recess got ICE-CREME eat... YUM!!!
cos youth day present XD

as i was rushing to school this morning i decided to tell all three of them happy b'dae...
but in the end i kept on forgetting and at last i only said happy b'dae and shook hand wif Everlyn...Sad rite...that was happening at 3.36 ^^ i got record time teehee^^
No la it was becos jus after school and be4 i saw her i saw Sarahs wif and without the Hs
and wondered y they haven't go home so i checked the time.^^

Jessica happy 11 b'dae ^^

6:47 AM